Choosing the right software infrastructure

We have developed web-based software platforms, flexible, customizable and modular to optimize, economize and automate all business processes of a company.

Communicate in a quickly way with stakeholders, coordinate real-time needs of customers and the Sales Network, managing the cycle of supply and logistics, ensure the stock availability, automate orders and transactions of end-users, are just a few examples of activities that can be integrated in existing organization.


csa» C.S.A.® adopted by large and medium car and motorcycles dealerships, even multi-brand, in order:
::to simplify all the steps of the sales process, new and second-hand, from quotation to delivery;
::to plan the fleet management, the inventory and procurement;
::to optimize communications inside the company;
::to have updated information and data in real time…


msales» m-sales® Mobile Sales Network, for managing online and offline networks of sales agents and corporate orders.
The software allows you to manage the orders and all the assets of the business information, always updated, and to eliminate heavy and expensive sample bags and catalogs…


eorders» e- orders® is the software that allows the execution of orders and then simplified management of warehouses and business accounting…


creditpro» Credit Pro® is the professional software specifically for companies that deal with debt collection…


odontolab» We are distributor for Sicily of OdontoLab®, professional software developed by S.H.E.A.T. Software for the management of dental laboratories…  website >